Serbia: Succession to Biological Weapons Convention

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Government of the United Kingdom
13 June 2001
In a Note dated 31 May 2001, the Government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) declared its succession to the Convention, with effect from 27 April 1992. As of 4 February 2003 the FRY became known as Serbia and Montenegro.  
In an Note dated 8 June 2006, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia stated as follows;
“. . . the President of the Republic of Serbia, H.E Mr Boris Tadic, notified on 3 June 2006 the Secretary-General of the United Nations that the membership of the state union of Serbia and Montenegro in the United Nations, including all organs and organisations of the United Nations system, is continued by the Republic of Serbia on the basis of Article 60 of the Constitutional Charter of Serbia and Montenegro,  activated by the Declaration of Independence adopted by the National Assembly of Montenegro on June 3, 2006.
Consequently, the Republic of Serbia is continuing the membership of the state union of Serbia and Montenegro in the Convention on the Prohibition and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological)and Toxic Weapons and on their Destruction of 10 April 1972…Therefore, please note that the name “Republic of Serbia” is to be henceforth used instead of the name “Serbia and Montenegro” in connection with the Convention…”
In a Note dated 12 December 2006, the Government of the Republic of Montenegro confirmed that this Agreement continues in force for the Republic of Montenegro with effect from 3 June, 2006.
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