Montenegro: Succession to Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention

Action type
Secretary-General of the United Nations
23 October 2006

Confirmed upon succession:


" is the understanding of Serbia and Montenegro that the mere participation in the planning or conduct of operations, exercises or any other military activities by the armed forces of Serbia and Montenegro, or by any of its nationals, if carried out in conjunction with armed forces of the non-State Parties (to the Convention), which engage in activities prohibited under the Convention, does not in any way imply an assistance, encouragement or inducement as referred to in subparagraph 1 (c) of the Convention."

Historical information

In a letter dated 10 October 2006, received by the Secretary-General on 23 October 2006 and accompanied by a list of multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary-General, the Government of the Republic of Montenegro notified that:

"[The Government of]…the Republic of Montenegro decided to succeed to the treaties to which the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro was a party or signatory.

[The Government of]…the Republic of Montenegro succeeds to the treaties listed in the attached Annex and undertakes faithfully to perform and carry out the stipulations therein contained as from June 3rd 2006, which is the date the Republic of Montenegro assumed responsibility for its international relations and the Parliament of Montenegro adopted the Declaration of Independence.

[The Government of]…the Republic of Montenegro does maintain the reservations, declarations and objections made by Serbia and Montenegro, as indicated in the Annex to this instrument, prior to the date on which the Republic of Montenegro assumed responsibility for its international relations."

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