Mexico: Accession to Sea-bed Treaty

Action type
Government of the United Kingdom
23 March 1984

Declaration (translation):

"1.  In the view of the Government of Mexico no provision of the Treaty, including Article 1, may be interpreted as indicating that any State has the right to emplace nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction, or military weapons or devices of any kind on the continental shelf of Mexico.

2.  In consequence of the above, the Government of Mexico reserves the right to verify, inspect, remove or destroy any military weapon, structure, installation, facility or equipment emplaced on its continental shelf, including nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction.

 3.  The well-known position of the Government of Mexico in all the international fora in which negotiations on disarmament have taken place, has been to support a general and complete disarmament, and on all possible territories.  In this respect, although the Government of Mexico would prefer to reply on a treaty that clearly prohibits the emplacement of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction on any physical space, it accedes to this Treaty which limits the prohibition to the Seabed, the Ocean Floor and the Subsoil Thereof, in view of the fact that it constitutes a step towards the objective of having a universal prohibition, as indicated, through the establishment of denuclearised zones throughout the world.

4.  Having signed and ratified the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea, the Government of Mexico considers that the provisions contained in it which relate to what is stipulated in the Treaty apply fully to the Treaty."

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